AMBIANCE MANUFACTURING GROUP is a major player in the manufacturing of textile goods worldwide, fabricating primarily bed covers, linens, and bathroom textiles to serve the Hospitality Industry. We have expertise in every stage of the supply chain, from procuring the best raw materials from sources all over the globe, to producing versatile lines of products branded for designers and corporations alike.

OPERATIONS IN THE UNITED STATES are focused on the design and application of custom installations while also maintaining a stock program to service independent operators and large corporations alike. Through our vast network of resources and experience, we have provided the finest in comforters, linens, pillows and covers for some of the largest hotel chains in the country. We pride ourselves in the way we service our customers. We do not cut corners at any stage of our production process, and we adhere to high standards of customer service when delivering our products to our clients.

FOUR PILLARS explain our sustained growth year after year.

  • - EXPERIENCE We have over 20 years of experience manufacturing in China, where our factories utilize the newest machines and technology available. AMG operations also include branch offices and subsidiaries all over the world, which our customers can utilize as resources.
  • - QUALITY By overseeing every step of the manufacturing process from idea conception to product delivery, we are able to ensure your patrons experience the comfort they expect and deserve.
  • - VERSATILITY Our factories in China are set up to take on small orders as well as large volume orders. No matter the size of the project, you can expect the same high standards of quality, delivered on time.
  • - CONVENIENCE Our stock program is ready to supply our customers even one single piece from our luxury product line at any given time to anywhere in the country. We not only deliver the goods, we deliver service on a consistent, reliable basis.

OUR POPULAR CUSTOM DESIGN program offers our customers versatility that is difficult to find with other suppliers. AMG contracts professional designers in the United States, Japan, and China to create room designs that will make your property stand apart from the rest. With a huge selection of materials and patterns to choose from, we are ready to take your ideas and turn them into throw blankets, bed runners, pillow covers, and more that can give your hotels that custom touch.

AMBIANCE MANUFACTURING GROUP is committed to making you look good, and making your guests feel right at home!